MEI flutes

MEI music for flutes is a duo formed by argentine flutists Patricia García and Juliana Moreno. 

Mei generated a new music production space as a result of an initial process of compilation and dissemination of works for flutes, and a subsequent process of premiere of unpublished pieces, with special interest in the work of Argentine and Latin American composers.

The repertoire is made up of works from the second half of the 20th and 21st centuries and others composed especially for the duo, a product of the collaborative work that Mei establishes permanently with composers. Since 2016 the duo is in the process of producing and premiering the first works that incorporate two contrabass flutes to the Latin American repertoire for flutes.

The concerts are conceived in a space where each work inhabits a visual context mounted with projection of images, putting of lights and processes of scenic ambience that intervene in the space. MEI gives seminars and intensive workshops aimed at students and composers, with the aim of transmitting and stimulate the investigation of contemporary language applied to literature for transverse flutes. MEI has performed concerts and master classes in cities of Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia and the United States.

Its record works, “Territory – the invisible space of the air” (2013) and “The highest region of the air – where comets are sired” (2017) they constitute the first Argentine productions composed in its totality by Latin American works for two flutes.

In recognition of the work of collecting and disseminating regional music for flutes, MEI was selected by Argentine Fund for Cultural Development (Argentina), and Ibero-American Music Promotion Program (IBERMUSICAS), got the scholarship “Myrna Brown” (National Flute Association – USA) and the BAMUSICA subsidy from the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.